Our advanced fabrication services are the backbone of operational efficiency. We expertly design and build the solutions that get your oil and gas facilities back online, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity



Leveraging our global market knowledge and innovative sourcing methods, we secure the best pricing and quality for your oil and gas needs. Our seamless logistics ensure timely delivery, keeping your operations running smoothly



As your strategic consultancy partner, we engineer success for oil and gas companies. Our deep industry knowledge and unique approach optimize your organization for peak performance and sustainable growth

About Maron Oil and Gas

Maron Oil and Gas is an indigenous oil and gas engineering and procurement company in the downstream sector of oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Primarily involved in the importation, storage and distribution of petroleum product and various oil and gas related professional services.

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    Our Doors are wide open

    Do you want to know how things work around here?
    We have been here for a while and we know all that there is to facilitate a seamless oil and gas engineering and other general services. Our doors are open for consultation. It’s a pleasure to share our vast knowledge of this ecosystem with you